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Why Home Construction Is on the Rise

We are witnessing a growth in the home construction market and there is a reason for that. Better put, there are several reasons for that. 

The obvious assumption is that the prices are on the rise, that’s why more and more houses are being built so they can be sold for profit. That would be right, it does play a huge role in this boost.

With more people working from home due to the circumstances faced in the last three years, they are looking for places that fit their new routine better. It makes the market hotter, so with the big demand comes higher prices. 

The big demand, in this case, is due not only to the amount of interested buyers, but also to the shortage of available homes. This sets a new movement as well.

How it concerns you

Due to the values, families are more inclined to custom built homes as a way to get around this inflated market. Instead of going into bidding wars for houses, some families just opt to get one made from scratch.

That is a great option not just because of practical reasons. 

A custom designed home will always be suited for you. It’s your own ideas and preferences coming to life, without you needing to settle for “a house that the market has left for you”. 

In a condition like this you have a place for the now and a starting ground to plan your future. If you are looking to expand the family, you can already begin to build a multi-bedroom home. If your kids are grown and are on their own now, maybe a smaller place just for two and with a guest room would be better suited for your situation.

Having a custom made house is always a great option.There are some things you should keep in mind, but it’s definitely the perfect solution for you.

Great for investments too

Like we said before, the prices are on the rise. We see no sight of them slowing down, let alone drastically falling. 

As you probably know, investment in real estate is one of the safest you can make. With guaranteed returns pretty much anywhere, especially here in America. Entering this spec market can be a potential huge boost to your finances.

Having a new house will allow you to charge higher rents, and there is a market for that. Many investors have seen this opportunity and are looking to make big money with it.

Regardless of your use for the place, a new one is always better. And we are here to build it just for you and your needs. Come talk to us, see everything we can do for you and get a free estimate!