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Painting & Finishing

Our crew of house painters are trained craftsmen with years of experience with interior and exterior painting and finishing. From the process of choosing the right products for your specific project—to protecting and preparing your property and attending to every detail of your finish, we ensure premium, lasting results.

Protect: Before any project begins, indoor or out, we take every precaution to ensure your property and belongings are protected.

Prepare: We’ll take every step to prep your surface for a lasting finish. This may include power washing your home to remove dirt and mildew, and provide a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. We’ll check that siding joints are caulked to prevent moisture from penetrating behind wood. An oil primer may be applied to bare wood prior to the topcoat to improve adhesion and give you longer-lasting results.

Apply: Our trained and experienced professionals use the latest interior house painting technologies and equipment to produce a refined and finished result to every detail of your home.